In this episode we talk with Jacob Hansen, Director General of Fertilizers Europe, about the impact the Ukraine conflict might have on fertilizer markets, the fertilizer price spike, whether organic fertilizers are the future, and how the industry will deal with increasing climate obligations such as those under the EU's new Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism. 

In this episode we talk with Brian Czech, Executive Director for the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy, about what a steady state economy means, where and whether it overlaps with circular economy thinking, and what its implementation might mean for the food system as a whole. 

In this episode we talk to Konstantinos Afianes, co-owners of the Afianes Vineyard, about producing natural wine, climate change, life on the Greek island of Ikaria, why the inhabitants live so long and so well, and his hopes for the future. 

In the first podcast of 2022 we talk to Galina Peycheva-Miteva, farmer and land manager in Bulgaria, and David Wilkinson, Vice President for Agricultural Procurement, PepsiCo Europe, about their views on regenerative agriculture, what it means in the field, and how digital tools interact with this set of practices. Is it plausible on fields across Europe, and can all farmers do it?

PepsiCo is a Supporting Partner of the Forum for the Future of Agriculture.

In this episode we talk with Melissa Ho, Senior Vice President for Water and Food at WWF-US, about the major global summits this year, increasing droughts and agricultural management in the American West, whether payments systems for water are the future, as well as land management ideas for better water retention. 
WWF is a Strategic Partner of the Forum for the Future of Agriculture. 
In this episode we talk with Alberto Arroyo, Head of Policy and Programs at the IUCN European Regional Office, about a recent report looking into different forms of more sustainable agriculture, what commonalities they share, how they can best be implemented, and whether there is low-hanging fruit that can be more easily achieved. 
IUCN is a Strategic Partner of the Forum for the Future of Agriculture.
Read the IUCN report on sustainable agriculture here:
Listen to Ask a Harvard Professor on Food Waste here: 

In this episode, we talk with Sébastien Treyer, Executive Director of the Institute for Sustainable Development & International Relations (IDDRI), about a recent study on the shift towards agro-ecology across the EU. Sébastien also discusses the role of innovation & technology and how consumers will be key in transforming the food system.

In this episode we talk to Chris Harbourt, Global Head of Carbon at Indigo, about how carbon farming works in the field, how reliable the metrics and economics are, the timescale required to keep it in the ground, and how he sees the future of this developing sector. 
Indigo is a supporting Friend of the Forum for the Future of Agriculture.
In this episode we talk with Ken Giller, Professor of Plant Production Systems at Wageningen University, about what regenerative agriculture means in practice, why it is having such a moment in the spotlight now, whether it could be applied in Africa, and what the boundaries of the system might be. 

In this episode we talk to Adele Jones, Deputy CEO of the Sustainable Food Trust, about true cost accounting, how it can help create clarity around food production and consumer choice, how it could be practically implemented, and whether the political will to implement it is present today. 

You can read the article in Nature that Adele co-authored HERE

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