In this episode we talk with Carina Millstone, Executive Director at Feedback Global, about the problems of the shareholder economy and how it drives a lack of sustainability, how to change the system, getting rid of supermarkets, and why we should politicise food much more. 

In this episode we talk with Samuel Masse, President of the European Council of Young Farmers (CEJA) and an organic wine grower, about the effects of the Farm to Fork Strategy on young farmers, the future of organic farming, and what his farm village needs to attract the next generation. 

In this episode we talk to Katharina Unger, Founder of Livin Studios and Livin farms, about insect protein. What does the insect farm look like, what are the best opportunities for this growing field, the ethics, and how can you best prepare them for dinner at home? 


Check out Katharina's work with their free webinar /podcast series "Misplaced" --> 

In this episode we talk with Jeroen Candel, assistant professor in food and agricultural policy at Wageningen University, about the producer and institutional sides of the Farm to Fork Strategy. How ambitious is it? Can those ambitions be realised? And how do we ensure that farmers are along for the journey? 

Article co-authored by Jeroen Candel on the F2F: 

In this episode we talk to Erik Fyrwald, Chief Executive Officer of Syngenta Group, about combatting climate change, setting goals to achieve sustainability, regenerative agriculture, the role of technology, and bringing citizens along on the journey. 

Registration for the FFA2021 events is now open:


In this episode we talk to Caroline Mahr van Everdingen, Program Leader for the Forum for the Future of Agriculture, about what it's like to organise the FFA, going digital in the age of Covid-19, what it's like on the day, and how to get world-class speakers on your agenda. 


In this episode we talk to Philip Lymbery, CEO of Compassion in World Farming and author, about sustainable and humane meat consumption, lab-grown meat and its possible effects on society, as well as his policy ideas for a more sustainable agricultural system.

December 14, 2020

Startups with Christine Gould

In this episode we talk to Christine Gould, CEO of Thought For Food, about startups, breaking through, the lessons of success and failure, and where she sees the biggest gaps.

November 30, 2020

Sustainable diets with Brent

In this episode we talk to Brent Loken, Global Food Lead Scientist at WWF, about sustainable diets, reducing meat consumption, what the perfect farm looks like and how fast we will need to make the transition to a new food system.

In this episode we talk with Ben O'Brien, Director - Europe for New Zealand Beef and Lamb, about farming without subsidies, the potential for CAP and trade in agriculture, and look ahead to New Zealand agriculture under Jacinda Ardern's 2nd term as Prime Minister.

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