In this episode we talk with John Gilliland, Director of Agriculture and Sustainability at Devenish Nutrition, about how to sustainably manage livestock on grassland, the importance of soil, the price of meat, and the future of meat alternatives - among much more.

Food Systems talks with Lawrence Haddad, 2018 World Food Prize winner and Executive Director of the GAIN Alliance, about his new Food Systems Dashboard. During this wide-ranging conversation, we discuss how data can help make better political decisions, the upcoming Food System Summit, and the need for (inter)national food system plans rather than individual policies.

We talk about sustainable shopping with Jeanette Wong and Tom Pell, who run The Clean Kilo, the UK's largest no-waste, zero plastic supermarket. We discuss consumer behaviour, how they influence their suppliers, what they think the future of waste-free shopping is, and how to compete on price with large discounters.

In this episode, we talk about sustainable finance with Alexander El Alaoui, an independent financial advisor, Senior Advisor to the Foundations Platform F20, and Investment Lead at Cooler Future. We discuss what sustainable finance entails, how he would design a fund that pays off for the planet and your wallet, and which new food system business model he would fund. Find out more in this hugely interesting conversation.

Food Systems talks about Climate Action with Terry Tamminen, former CEO of the DiCaprio Foundation, former chief advisor to Arnold Schwarzenegger, and current head of 7th Generation Advisors, about action that can be taken now to combat the climate crisis. What can the state, the individual, and the private sector do to make a difference, as well as his thoughts on the climate impact of the new Democratic nominees for the US Presidency.

In the third episode, Food Systems talks to Felix Prinz zu Löwenstein, Chairman of the Bund Ökologische Lebensmittelwirtschaft about his views on organic farming, its expanded role under the Farm to Fork strategy, the role of the CAP, and his vision for a 100% sustainable food system.

In the second episode, Food Systems talks to Julia Köhn, founder and CEO of, about her views on how farmers can use digital tools to sell directly to consumers, how the CAP can help the environment, and what the role of price is in stimulating sustainability.

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